Give the Magic of Cinema to a Patient Today

Give the Magic of Cinema to a Patient Today

If you or a loved-one have ever spent time in hospital or a place of care, what words would you use to describe that experience?
Difficult, scary, boring, lonely…

And how would you describe your last visit to the cinema?
Fun, exciting, relaxing, a good laugh…

At MediCinema we offer patients coping with serious illness or disability the chance to forget their aches and pains and escape into the latest film releases. We need your help to bring the proven therapeutic benefits of MediCinema to more patients across the UK.

Robert Wright
"The cinema is great, something to do at night time rather than sitting in your bed...It's better than any other cinema I've been to. I wish I could have one in my house, that's how good it is."

Robert Wright, Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, Epsom

"I am back in again; this is the 17th time this year. At least I have MediCinema to look forward to."
Callum, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow
  Mr. Levy's Story

"MediCinema does a lot...sometimes it's patients' only means of getting to the outside world."
Mr. Levy, St. Thomas' Hospital, London

Become part of our good-will movement PAY IT FORWARD and give the gift of cinema to a long-term patient lDirect Debt Appealike Robert, Callum or Mr. Levy who aren't able to watch the latest Bond or see the new 3D release that everyone's talking about at their local cinema.

It costs just £10 a month to fund a patient to attend a screening in one of our state-of-the-art cinemas, where they can enjoy the very latest film releases and a much-needed break from treatment while being supported by specialist nurses.

By donating to MediCinema on a regular basis you can help us to provide many more patients with respite from the difficult reality of serious illness and the chance to enjoy some precious normality with their loved-ones.

So pay your love of film forward this year - sign up today and for just £10 you can give the magic of cinema to a patient every month. 

With JustGiving, you can make a secure on-line donation to MediCinema in a few easy steps. You can choose to make a monthly, as well as a one-off donation, using the form below:

Why make a regular donation by Direct Debit?
Donating via Direct Debit is the most effective way to give. It’s quick and easy to set up and you can spread your donations across the year. It’s also safe and protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Regular gifts have a huge impact on the work we do. They provide us with our core funding, allowing us to plan our work effectively, sustain existing projects and commit to new ones, and ensure we continue to reach as many patients as we can in the hospitals and places of care we are based in.

Set up a Direct Debit on-line through JustGiving

Set up a direct debit with JustGiving

You can use the form on this page to set up a regular donation. You can also sign up by visiting our JustGiving page directly - just click on the above button.

If you have any questions about setting up a regular donation by Direct Debit, please email Teresa Devlin or call 020 7188 36 97.