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Declutter your home for free and support MediCinema

22nd Mar 2024

MediCinema are a proud charity partner of Anglo Doorstep Collections, a company that collects unwanted clothing and household items direct from customers’ homes for free and donates the profit raised from their sale to their chosen charities.


You can support MediCinema by using their service – please book a collection through this special link:


Since our 12-month partnership launched in October 2023, people have been decluttering their homes and the subsequent donations from Anglo have been allocated towards MediCinema’s core needs and projects including the MediCinema at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.


The partnership has also helped bring broader awareness of the charity to people around the country who sign up for Anglo Doorstep Collections.


How to make a booking

It couldn’t be simpler to make a booking and support us:

  • Visit the link and click ‘Book Now’.
  • Enter your address and contact details.
  • Select your collection date.
  • On the day of collection, pack up your no longer loved clothes, shoes, and household items, and leave them on your doorstep.
  • Anglo Doorstep Collections collect your items and make a donation to MediCinema.

About Anglo Doorstep Collections

Anglo Doorstep Collections help people all around the UK to effortlessly declutter their homes, by collecting unwanted clothes and household items straight from their doorsteps. They then donate 60% of the proceeds to charity.


It’s easy. All you need to do is to book a collection, pack up your unwanted clothes and household items and they collect directly from your doorstep.


You don’t even need to be at home. They call this Effortless Giving.


Alongside supporting UK based charities, they are key contributors to the circular economy. By re-homing unwanted clothes and items, in 2023 Anglo Doorstep Collections saved 5,000 tonnes of clothing and items from being left in landfill, 200,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and 90,000 megalitres of water normally used in waste management.


Collecting from postcodes across the UK and adding new areas all the time, book your collection today.