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It’s Charity Tuesday In Partnership With Disney’s Pixar Fest

11th Aug 2020

Click HERE to enter our PRIZE DRAW you need just £3 – and the chance to win an exclusive drawing by Pixar’s Ana Ramirez;  to be drawn as a Pixar Car; a personalised voicemail from Car’s Dug, Roz or Mr Ray, or a drawing lesson with Pixar’s Jay Shuster, could be yours!


For just £3!


For some of us this could be an overpriced coffee, some fries or a train ticket… For patients, this is a chance to escape the reality of every day on the wards and join the Incredibles and be a superhero, the chance to go on an adventure with Woody, Buzz and the gang, take to the seas with Nemo and Dory or to the sky with Mr Fredriksen and Russell.


The prize draw is open now so go go go….!