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New Partnership: Click-To-Donate At WTW Scott Cinemas With Jacro

09th Mar 2023

MediCinema is delighted to announce a new click-to-donate fundraising partnership which has come together thanks to the commitment of WTWScott Cinemas and Jacro.


When customers book tickets online at any of WTWScott Cinema’s eleven sites across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol and West Sussex they are now able to donate either £1 or £2 to MediCinema as part of their ticket purchase.   It is a seamless process at the end of checkout, which has been made possible thanks to Jacro’s online box-office powered by TaPoS – its ticketing and point-of-sale service – integrating with Adyen’s donation platform ‘Adyen Giving.’

TaPos is thrilled to work with MediCinema to offer our clients the opportunity to help raise money for patients and their families to leave their wards and escape into a film while they are in hospital. For minimal effort and impact on teams, the cinemas who use our online box-office can now offer their customers the chance to make a small donation (£1 or £2) to MediCinema after buying their tickets and concessions.  This easy-to-implement mechanism is now available for all companies using our systems.

Ben Saunders, Jacro

We are delighted to be supporting MediCinema and the patients who visit its in-hospital cinemas and are extremely pleased to see that customers are already donating.  It has been a very straightforward process to set this mechanism up - once Jacro and Adyen had integrated, and we had conducted a trial, it then just took a couple of hours to setup our other sites.

Mark Williams, Director, WTWScott Cinemas

We are so grateful for the work that Jacro, together with Adyen, have put in to make it possible for WTWScott’s customers to donate easily to MediCinema.  We know the customer click-to-donate mechanism is a very successful way of raising vital funds and hope that other cinema operators will come on board now the system is in place for them to use.

Jamie Lynch, Director of Development, MediCinema

WTWScott Cinemas operate cinemas across the South of England. Jacro is a family-run business which supplies full-service box office management system – from cinema point of sale and KPI dashboards to online ticketing and self-service kiosks. TaPoS is Jacro’s Ticketing and Point-of-Sale service.


To enable donations through your Jacro system, please contact Ben at


For more information about the partnership please contact Jamie at