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Survey Confirms Power Of MediCinema

01st Sep 2019

Patients have highlighted the magical impact cinema has to inspire and give a sense of hopefulness and joy while in hospital. Our summer 2019 survey clearly demonstrates that the escapism our state of the art MediCinemas provide allows patients and families to take a break from their worries and reconnect at a time when emotional resilience is so important.


In the comments section of the survey, five-year-old Juliette wrote: “(MediCinema) makes me feel better when I am sore and sad.”

My daughter has been in hospital for three weeks. It has been an extremely difficult time with lots of trauma from cannulas and needles. Without a doubt the cinema trips have been a massive highlight for Hope-Tia. Last week she was very low and coming to the cinema picked her up. It was like night to day. She has not stopped talking about it.

Hope-Tia’s Mum

The following are a few highlights from our latest results: